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Plastic products

Our line of plastic foam products includes polyethylene,micro cellular urethane foam, PVC, EVA and polyurethane foam. These materials come in die-cut shapes and sizes, in sheets or rolls, and in strips (with or without adhesive). Some of these products can also be thermoformed.

  • Polyethylene foam

    Extruded polyethylene foam is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is used as a reflective insulation, water-repellent agent, an airtight gasket or protective packaging material, polyethylene foam is a clean, strong, flexible product that is easy to install.

    Fine closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam exhibits a smooth, aesthetic appearance and offers excellent dimensional stability—characteristics that make it a versatile solution for a number of applications.

  • Micro-cellular urethane foam

    High-density open-cell micro-cellular urethane foam is characterized by an exceptional combination of physical properties.

  • PVC foam

    PVC foam products are characterized by their ability to seal for long periods of time. When compressed 30% or more, they completely seal out air, light, moisture and dust, and they absorb shock, sound and vibration. They can be used for thermal, electrical and noise insulation, and the different densities allow for a wide range of application possibilities.

  • EVA foam

    Offered in a wide range of densities and hardness, EVA foam excels, among other things, in shock absorption and protection. It can be thermoformed to your specific design, and is available in sheet form and die-cut parts, with or without adhesive.

  • Polyurethane foam

    Available in rolls, sheets, or prefabricated components customized to your requirements, our polyurethane foams, in either the polyether or polyester form, can be used in a wide range of insulation, soundproofing, cushioning, and filtration applications. Our foams come in a variety of densities.