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Polyethylene foam

Extruded polyethylene foam is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is used as a reflective insulation, water-repellent agent, an airtight gasket or protective packaging material, polyethylene foam is a clean, strong, flexible product that is easy to install.

Fine closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam exhibits a smooth, aesthetic appearance and offers excellent dimensional stability—characteristics that make it a versatile solution for a number of applications.

Extruded polyethylene foam

Extruded polyethylene foams are available in a range of densities. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is used widely in protective packaging applications. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used in many different types of protection that require greater tear resistance. Available in sheets, rolls and die-cut parts.

Main characteristics:

  • durable
  • non-abrasive
  • lightweight
  • creep-resistant
  • water- and steam-resistant
  • mould-resistant
  • CFC- and HCFC-free
  • recyclable and reusable

Crosslinked polyethylene foam

Cross-linked polyethylene foams come in a variety of densities and degrees of firmness, and are available in rolls, sheets, double-sided adhesive strips and die‑cut parts (with or without adhesive).

Main characteristics:

  • aesthetically appealing
  • thermoformable
  • excellent resistance to chemical products
  • excellent thermal insulation capacity
  • superior resistance to UV rays
  • resistant to water and steam
  • mould-resistant
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • good thickness precision
  • non-toxic
  • CFC-, HCFC- and HC-free

Some of the products in this series are FDA-approved and UL94-listed.